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For the first time in Herts, some 500 runners will register to take part in the Sandridge 10K on Saturday 12th September in a plastic free environment.

The Family Fun Run at 3.30pm will be followed by the 10k, a completely off road trail through the forest, at 4pm, culminating in a food and drink festival full of local suppliers.

Heartwood Forest has over 800 acres of ancient woodland, wildflower meadows, orchard and new forests.  Since 2009, a total of 600,000 trees have been planted by volunteers (mostly locals, but a few Royals included!). Local school children have been instrumental in planting the 600 tree orchard.

Sandridge 10k is committed to the beautiful forest creating an event that has virtually no carbon footprint, encouraging families and young people to get fit and get outdoors.  Sandridge Village is an integral part of the Heartwood Forest providing a rest and refreshment to visitors.

Heartwood Forest’s 347-hectare (858-acre) site rises from what was once mainly agricultural land. It’s so big that it’s now the largest continuous new native forest in England; a place where everyone can find space, peace, wildlife and miles of beautiful woodland to explore.

Heartwood Forest is owned and managed by the Woodland Trust along with more than 1,000 sites all over the UK and supported by more than 250,000 members. Find out more about the Woodland Trust.

Our official charity partner is Sandridge School which fosters a sense of pride in making a positive contribution to the success of the school family and wider community.


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